Best Practices Measures

Is there a standard on managing import and export compliance?   Yes, just having a few good people trying to do the right thing with these main ingredients guarantee your compliance program will work!

  • Embraces A Corporate Compliance Culture
    1. Be proactive in conducting risk assessment;
    2. Within the organization, which department has export controlled goods, technology, and software that generate or export license;
    3. Go back often and review your risk assessment on document in regard to serious case actions;Reevaluate potential gaps that may cause a level of risk; and
    4. Revisit the order arrangement of how action is taken to address urgent actions and items related to each other.
  • Exercise of Reasonable Care
    1. Ensure only legally authorized users can access files;
    2. Establish systematic manual protocols or use automated software for granting access; and
    3. Understand the limitations of any cloud services being utilized.
  • Knowledgeable Resources
    1. Make sure you know the jurisdiction before diving into the EAR’s Commerce Control List or the ITAR’s United States Munitions List;
    2. When searching the relevant government control list, use comprehensive key words;
    3. Discuss in detail to get understanding of all goods, software and technology with your researchers/engineers/scientists that maybe in question; and
    4. Document what, why and what course action was taken for the classification in a systematic order.
  • Executive Support
  • A strong foundation must be created by garnering support or sponsorship by senior leaders.
  • Adequate Tools
    1. Education is key to your company. Whenever possible, share materials and resources in your department meeting, utilize organization-wide emails, or include information in a standing company newsletter;
    2. Leverage a wide range of training approaches to educate personnel;
    3. Offer a variety of methods including in-person workshops, on-demand videos, and webinars;
    4. Ensure training content is customized throughout your business;
    5. Show how the regulations impact everyone at work on a day-to-day basis.