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IC Metier's aim is to
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to be productive. 

Ag Equipment & Technology

Agricultural Equipment and Technology is any kind of machinery/tool used on a farm to help with producing food and other agricultural products.   IC Metier can assist you in getting the tools you need so you can continue cultivating the soil, growing crops and raising livestock. No matter what cycle of plant or animal products for people to use, IC Metier would like to help you continue to provide agriculture to your neighbor, community and the world.  IC Metier can assist you in your ag equipment and technology needs.


Solar Equipment

Affordable solar energy systems are from USA world leader producers and manufacturers of renewable energy and modules for cell efficiency and module output. Whether you have a large or a small amount of space for solar energy system installation, and need to maximize power output the high efficiency solar panels; our suppliers are able to design, and produce custom solar products while maintaining the quality and cost of a fully scaled production process.

IC Metier can provide lots of options ranging from 3W-190W. In 12V and 24V, and options for CSA Class 1 Division 2 certification for hazardous locations.

We can also assist you with a wide range of small solar energy systems for RV, Marine, portable, camping, and off-grid industrial power applications.